"Eye chart still the standard for vision"

- Bordsen, John
The Seattle Times, August 9, 1995

Our Range of Servces

What We Do.

We provide the best services with love and attention to our clients.

In addition to our quality eyewear selection, our range of services cover all manner of unique eye & vision issues for both young and old, big and small.

Contact Lens Solutions and Products

Healthy lens care means healthy eyes. There are a variety of contact lens solutions and products that can be used for the various types of contact lenses.

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Emergency Services

Need help now? Contact our Team Leader Lionel on 0412 527 875 for a range of emergency services.

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Myopia Management (OrthoK)

By 2050, nearly five billion people worldwide will have myopia. Slowing down the progression of myopia will reduce the lifelong risk of developing eye diseases such as retinal detachment, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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Children’s Vision

Did you know that vision is responsible for around 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years? We care about your family’s eyes as much as you do.

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Eyecare Accessories

Wanting a specialty product or accessory such as prescription swimming goggles but don’t know what to do?

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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Battling with blurry vision after looking at the computer screen, noticing new black spots in your vision, or wondering if your child’s vision is limiting his/her learning?

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Dry Eye Clinic

Suffering from gritty, irritated or red eyes? Our comprehensive dry eye assessment will thoroughly review your eyes and provide a roadmap solution to your dry eye needs.

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Contact Lens Consultations (MiSight)

Wondering if contact lenses are an option for you and/or your child? Or are you an existing contact lens wearer wondering if there is a better product for your needs?

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Aviation Eye Examinations

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Credentialed Optometrists are recognised and trained in having particular skills to provide vision care to critical staff in the aviation industry.

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Zeiss Lenses

A good set of prescription glasses is a function of a suitable frame and more importantly, a fine set of lenses that addresses your needs – that is our focus.

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Spectacles & Sunglasses

As an independent optometrist, we are able to handpick our selection of frames. We support local and believe in quality and value for money products for the family.

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Repairs & Maintenance

All glasses need ongoing maintenance. A missing screw, less than perfect nose pads, loose temples, misaligned frames – we fix them up.

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