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There’s just something about Shelley that makes it cosy. The so-called hidden gem in Perth is about a 20-minute ride to Perth CBD. It’s also in close proximity to the river where you can go kayaking and other water activities. But all these wonderful activities become less enjoyable when you have to squint to look far ahead. Worse, you probably have to say “no” to outdoor fun because of your headaches caused by eyestrain. These things are common if you have an eye disorder, such as near-sightedness or myopia.

Optometry and Eye Exams in Shelley

Shelley Eye Exams

E Eye Place Newing & Co (previously known as Newing & Co) is the preferred family-friendly eye clinic in Shelley, just off Leach Highway. As an independent practice, we provide our clients unlimited and unrestricted access to various collections and options when it comes to eyewear and eyecare solutions. We have a laid-back, relaxing environment where we offer our top-notch optometric services for everyone, including young children and adults.

Myopia is a global concern that continuously increases in prevalence every year. Our mission is to combat this epidemic, along with other eye diseases and conditions, such as hyperopia or far-sightedness, strabismus and lazy eye in children, and dry eye.

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Myopia Management at E Eye Place Shelley

There is evidence that myopia progression can be slowed through myopia management, primarily when intervention is provided early. Our optometrists have the experience and knowledge to control myopia in children through a variety of practical solutions. One is through the use of myopia control spectacles, which are also suitable for adults. OrthoKeratology lenses have also demonstrated their capabilities in slowing myopic progression.

A regular comprehensive eye and vision examination is key to successfully controlling myopia. These exams are designed for adults and children where our qualified optometrists measure refraction and axial length, among other tasks. E Eye Place will then attempt to prevent or delay the onset of the eye disorder through our mitigation and evidence-based interventions.

Controlling Myopia with E Eye Place

We aim to provide everyone in Shelley that has myopia the best opportunity to have optimal eye health and eyesight. That’s why E Eye Place Newing & Co focus on the management of myopia and not just its symptoms.

The beauty of Shelley cannot be overstated. Go about the beach, explore the CBD by train or car, see the stunning Kalamunda Hills, or just visit Fremantle. Enjoy all these activities with healthy eyes and vision. Book your next appointment with E Eye Place today and start a clearer and brighter view of Shelley and the rest of the world.

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