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Port Coogee is a vibrant community just five kilometres from Fremantle. This world-class marina has pristine beaches and other fabulous attractions like vast parks, playgrounds, and shopping. But isn’t it better if you could see the beauty of Port Coogee clearly? That’s our goal here at E Eye Place.
Whether you or your child is short- or near-sighted, we’re here to help. Since 2016, we have been offering optometric services, including myopia management, that are useful in preventing eye diseases that may develop later in life.

Port Coogee Optometrist

While our office may not compare to the other views in Port Coogee, we can ensure you enjoy the views to the fullest. Our eye experts can help everyone in your family with early detection, advanced treatments, and preventative care. The E Eye Place Port Coogee office also has an in-office lab. You can conveniently get your same-day single-vision glasses with stock lenses without making an extra trip.

Port Coogee Eye Exams

Additionally, our office provides:

  • Accessories: We carry a wide variety of products to correct your vision difficulties and make you more comfortable
  • CASA Aviation Assessment Including Optec 900
  • Complex Contact Lenses: We also carry all specialty contact lens care products including corneal topography, bespoke/customised rigids and soft specialty contact lens designs, Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses, orthokeratology, high astigmatism, keratoconus high refractive errors). Also stocking all specialty contact lens care products (including AO Sept hydrogen peroxide, Soleko hydrogen peroxide, Menicon Menicare Plus MPS, Menicon Progent, Acuvue Revitalens MPS, DMV contact lens remover), unit dose saline
  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations: These assessments screen for glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other screenings
  • Dry Eye Assessment: Including anterior eye imaging, Jenvis Eye Report by Oculus K5 Keratograph, meibography, blephasteam. As well as the leading products for dry eye care
  • Myopia Management: This includes low-dose atropine, OrthoKeratology, MiSight, MiyoSmart, Myopilux Max, Mylo by Mark’ennovy, Axial Length Monitoring using Zeiss IOL Master
  • Occupational Vision Examinations and Prescribing: This includes vocational lenses for screen-based equipment, safety eyewear, prismatic lenses
  • Paediatric Examinations: Including developmental visual information processing, ocular motilities/eye tracking and teaming and many more
  • Veterans Affairs: Patients can be examined at this office

Whether you or your family need highly specialised eye treatment, preventative care, or any of the many types of eye care we offer, please contact us. We can arrange an appointment so you can enjoy optimal vision.

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