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What is VR Lens Optimisation?

What is VR Lens Optimisation?

VR Lens optimisation is an advanced form of virtual reality that can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of eye disorders. 

Through the use of targeted virtual reality games, this multi-sensory approach immerses users in a believable, computerised environment. Through specific eye exercises and a progressive lens that is customised to each patient, VR Lens Optimisation is a revolution in the field of optometry.  

VR progressive lens training can help treat a variety of eye problems, including vision suppression, lazy eye (amblyopia), and crossed eyes (strabismus). With constant advances in VR vision technology, the system may someday be capable of addressing depth perception issues, reading difficulties, and balance issues.

How Does VR Lens Optimisation Work?

VR Eye Tests are a set of programs and exercises used to measure a variety of metrics for your eyes.

Each set of eye exercises works the eye in specific ways, revealing important information about your vision, diagnosing vision issues, and addressing a range of optical problems.

The best part? Kids and adults enjoy the process, making it easy to successfully treat your patients while providing a positive user experience.

Virtual reality progressive lens optimisation makes it easier and more effective to find out the correct design for multifocal lenses.

How Does VR Lens Optimisation Work?
Technological Breakdown

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are designed to correct your vision across various distances, spanning from close reading to far distances. The lenses have invisible lines that seperate the segments so they appear just like traditional glasses.

Progressive lenses work due to the prescription designed to have a continuous and gradual change throughout the lens. The lenses are deisgned to be optimised with the distance vision closest to the pupil, while near vision is enhanced in the lower portion of the lenses. Adapting to this unique viewing experience may take some time, especially for individuals accustomed to single vision lenses that exclusively cater to distance vision. However, the significant advantage lies in eliminating the need to constantly switch between glasses for different distances.

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Benefits of Progressive Lenses?

1. Improved Vision

Progressive lenses offer a smooth shift between different prescriptions, resulting in clearer vision at various distances. Wearers can perceive objects at different lengths without the hassle of switching glasses or straining their eyes.

2. Greater Design

The absence of visible lines, characteristic of traditional bifocals or trifocals, makes progressive lenses a more comfortable choice for extended wear. This is especially beneficial for activities such as driving or using a computer. The also are comfortable to wear with lots of modern and stylish designs. 

3. One Pair Of Glasses for All Occasions

Progressive lenses provide a more natural visual experience compared to traditional bifocals or reading glasses. This allows you to wear one pair of glasses for all occasions whether its looking into the distance or for reading. 

What Are the Patient Benefits of VR Lens Optimisation?

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