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ZEISS' Innovative Drive

ZEISS is widely known for quality and innovation, putting over a century’s worth of experience in all products bearing its name. It’s a trusted force in various sectors, such as professional film cameras, telescopes, electronic scopes, and phone camera lenses. E Eye Place recognises their innovation as it leads optical technologies where it is highly involved in developing spectacles.

Nothing is created equal in the spectacles game, but ZEISS has carefully showcased over 160 years of experience in the field. From 1935, when anti-reflective lenses were introduced, to 1959, when polarised lenses were born, they have always been ahead of their time. The company is also where the first-ever progressive lenses were developed, which were then adjusted to fit people’s unique needs in 2000.

Throughout the years, ZEISS has remained one of the most respected names in spectacles technology.

At E Eye Place, We Use Cutting Edge Technology

The best spectacle relies heavily on the person’s measurements. Referred to as centration, this deals with spectacle lens adjustments based on spectacle frames and the wearer’s eye distance, face proportions, and posture. Years ago, opticians merely measured centration manually. Today, there is a considerable difference, placing a significant focus on precision, which should be a tenth of a millimetre. This is where the i.Terminal®2 makes a lot of difference.

The i.Terminal®2 creates an objective look at how the frames would fit the wearer using its high-tech camera and software. E Eye Place uses i.Terminal®2 for this reason. It’s so simple, convenient, and comfortable for the customer who only has to stand in front of the device as relaxedly as possible. Then, i.Terminal®2 will produce a high-quality photo which captures 3D facial measurements to ensure spectacles lenses are fitted according to how the spectacle frame rests on your face.

Cutting Edge Technology

My ZEISS Vision Profile

My Vision Profile - with Zeiss

Here’s a unique vision test that helps find your perfect match for ZEISS lenses. My Vision Profile by ZEISS aims to give you an overview of what your eyes go through daily. Results are obtained by asking you to provide information about your lifestyle, particularly your visual habits.

The significance of your ‘My Vision Profile’ is centred on giving you the best advice when choosing a lens solution for your everyday activities. This includes your work, digital and non-digital tasks, mobility, and other habits.

‘My Vision Profile’ is tailored perfectly to your behaviours. The result will be provided to you for free and without obligation. Your can access the ZEISS My Vision Profile via: ZEISS Vision Profile. We will then assess your results as we test your vision before providing the most suitable lens for your needs.

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Are My ZEISS Lenses the Real Deal?

To truly gain the benefits and see the difference between ZEISS lenses, you need authentic ones. Unfortunately, counterfeits are being sold everywhere. This is a reminder that you should only buy your products from credible sources, including E Eye Place, an authorised optometric practice.

ZEISS lenses come with a stylised Z, the brand’s trademark engraved on the lenses. It’s fairly inconspicuous, so it does not obstruct your vision in any way. They use advanced technologies to ensure:

  • 1.The use of pure and correct raw materials
  • 2.Product excellence
  • 3.Optimum light transmission through anti-reflective coating

Spectacle lenses are required to have a CE mark. Each ZEISS lens went through rigorous testing to gain certification that meets the DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 standards. With this certification, ZEISS proves that it strives beyond the legal minimum requirements for its lenses. All of their lenses also automatically come with UV protection, a feature that not all manufactured lenses come with as standard.

Are My Zeiss Lenses the Real Deal?

The Unique Feel of ZEISS at E Eye Place

The Unique Feel

The goal of ZEISS lenses is for the wearer to see their surroundings more clearly. But to enjoy perfect vision, each product should be suitable for the individual. Internal tests are performed on all of their lenses so that they not only comply with the standards but exceed them.

ZEISS understands that people have unique needs and circumstances. That’s why there is a wide range of lenses with diverse options. Some products are designed for special prescription powers, while others have different tints and coatings. At the end of the day, what matters is you’re wearing the right lenses to correct any vision problems.

While E Eye Place recognises the quality of their products, it is also important to note that as an independent, we have access to all Australian lens manufacturers. This means we can access many bespoke and specialty products from different manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The i.Terminal®2 created is useful for both opticians and eyeglass wearers. The camera and software combination is designed to make sure that the spectacles are properly fitted for the ultimate comfort of the wearer. This technology focuses on centration, which takes the eye distance, posture, and face proportions. This is not possible with manual measurement. The best eyeglasses should be precise according to the wearer’s measurements and lifestyle in order to achieve comfort.

i.Terminal®2 takes your photo and determines the frame that suits your face. The results are fast, too, so you do not have to wait for your new eyeglasses.

The “My Vision Profile” is a vision test developed by ZEISS that helps determine the best type of lenses to wear. Don’t worry; it is a very easy test that simply asks you about your lifestyle and how you typically spend your day reading and using your phone. Some questions are centred on your mobility or whether you are active or not. As you may know, your daily routine can affect the health of your eyes.

My Vision Profile will then give you a summary of the things that your eyes go through each day. It may assist you in changing your habits, particularly the unhealthy ones. The test result is free, and you can use it to find the lenses for you.

They provide excellent products all the time. The brand offers high-tech lenses made from pure raw materials. They come with an anti-reflective coating while providing the ideal light transmission possible. ZEISS lenses have passed rigorous testing to ensure sturdiness and durability. They are also certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 standards.

Having been in the industry for about 160 years, ZEISS understands that people have varying requirements and preferences. That’s why there are numerous products to choose from, which cater to different needs, lifestyles, budgets, and wants. There are tinted lenses and coatings that not only help correct vision problems but also make the wearing of eyeglasses more comfortable and stylish.

So many fake products are out there. They are cheaper and may appear similar to real products, but they do not use the same technology. Therefore, you will not get the benefits that authentic products offer. That’s why you should make sure you have genuine lenses, which you will easily recognise with an engraving of the brand’s trademark Z on the lenses themselves.

All “Z” inscriptions are almost unnoticeable, so you can be sure that they do not cause any vision obstructions. It also helps to buy your lenses from reputable places, such as E Eye Place, to avoid counterfeits.

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