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Eye Care Accessories at E Eye Place

Eye Care Accessory Introduction

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul. But did you know that a large part of the brain is mainly focused on vision? In fact, it takes a more significant portion than hearing, smell, taste, and touch combined. Despite its importance, many people take their eyesight for granted. Eyecare is essential, no matter the age, because vision problems can occur at any time.

Various forms of vision impairment mostly involve refraction errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Thankfully, there are a vast number of eyewear choices that can help manage and correct refractive disorders, such as prescription glasses and contact lenses.

And to make eye care easier and more convenient, eyewear accessories can be used. These accessories range from cleaning wipes and cloths to cords, eyedrops, temple grips, and many more!

How Accessories Can Enhance Your Eyewear Performance

Fog, static, and streaking are just some of the things a spectacle wearer combats on a daily basis. This is even more true with mask wear (public health orders). Do you know that there are new anti-fog kits and lens coatings adapted to mask wearing? If you wear prescription eyeglasses and play sports, you want to make sure your eyeglasses do not fall off your face. Not only will you have difficulty seeing, but it can also lead to eyewear damage. These situations and so many others call for eyewear accessories.

For example, temple tips are every young eyeglass wearer’s best friend. They’re more than just tips because they can have a massive impact on the comfort the spectacles provide, and ensuring they don’t become a hazard during sporting activities.

How Accessories Can Enhance Your Eyewear Performance

Apart from being practical and functional, adding accessories to your eyeglasses and sunglasses can be. You get to pick the right eyewear accessories, and some even elevate the look of your spectacles. They make eyeglasses more effective, especially in young people, since they encourage frequent and proper use.

Types of Eyewear Accessories

We have products that allow you to accessorise your eyewear. Whether you are looking for a cleaning solution, wipe, or cloth for your eyeglass lenses, you can buy what you need from E Eye Place. We also offer accessories that help make your eyeglasses more wearable, such as the following, which we usually have in stock:

  • Sports cords
  • Eyewear cords or lanyards
  • Floating cords
  • Various nosepads (have you heard about air cushioned nosepads?)

If you require temple tips or temple grips, we have them, as well. Now you can enjoy wearing your eyeglasses without worrying about them slipping, an excellent accessory for those with an active lifestyle. E Eye Place is also where you can buy Slastik magnetic frames, which are fun, easy to store safety eyewear accessories that perfectly fit your head.

Types of Eyewear Accessories

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ZEISS Antifog Spray and Clean

Foggy eyeglasses are a result of the incompatibility of your breath and the environment. They are a mere distraction and can be mildly frustrating in many cases. However, this fogginess can escalate into a hazard. Since your vision can become clouded, fogginess is not an option, especially in our world today, where face masks are the norm.

Here is an excellent solution. Get the fog off your glasses with the Zeiss anti-fog kit. It’s one of the must-have safety eyewear accessories for every spectacle wearer. Whether you wear eyeglasses while playing recreational sports or for your occupation, you can use an anti-fog product from ZEISS. Choices include anti-fog spray, lens wipes, and a complete kit that comes with a spray and cloth.

Zeiss Antifog Spray and Clean

Eye Care Accessories by Appointment

Our low-vision devices are tried and tested to improve visual performance. Great for adults and children to assist in adapting socially and academically.

As optometrists ourselves, we know the best products to use for eye exams. Our eye drops are excellent for dilating the pupil, lubricating the eyes, and relaxing the lenses.

Do you use Hylo drops for your dry eyes? If you have unsteady hands, you will find it difficult to apply the drops. Not anymore! We have the solution that makes Hylo drops easier to administer. Thanks to ComplEye, a small gadget designed to help position Hylo over the eye.

Here at E Eye Place, we not only have several contact lens choices but also the recommended accessories to go with the eyewear. We currently offer DMV contact lens applicators and removes, as well as Progent for rinsing and removing protein deposits from your contact lenses. We also have more options for safe cleansing of contacts, such as the AO Sept hydrogen peroxide solution.

We currently carry brands like Cationorm, NovaTears, Hylo Range, and Oculocin Propo to help hydrate and lubricate dry eyes. All products are suitable for contact lens wearers.

Are you still using a generic product to wash your eyes? It’s time to make the switch, and we have the best options for you. Here at E Eye, we offer OCuSOFT’s range of foam and wipes to cleanse your eyelids, which help prevent eye irritation. It’s exactly what you need if you have dry eyes. We also have EYEECO TranquilEyes that effectively washes makeup and dirt whilst soothing tired, red eyes.

Double vision is frustrating, but here’s a simple, affordable, and therapeutic way to fix it. Fresnel lenses are thin transparent prisms that you press on the inside of your eyeglasses. They are comfortable and will not add more weight or thickness to your glasses. You can get your Fresnel prisms from E Eye Place following a consultation.

Prescriptable safety glasses, moisture chamber goggles, prescriptible sports goggles and swimming goggles can be ordered from E Eye Place. We also have experience in prescribing and fitting lenses for activities such as flying, diving, shooting, archery, music playing and other hobbies with unique visual needs.

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