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Sharp Vision - No Matter Your Occupation

Sharp Vision - No Matter Your Occupation

Your success in life depends on a few essential aspects, including your skills, connections, education, and work habits. One thing that requires attention as much as the ones mentioned is the clarity of your vision so that you can function at your best.

Some jobs demand high vision precision, such as dentists, air traffic controllers, and watchmakers. This means they need special spectacle lenses that offer more than just good vision. Their spectacle lenses should be comfortable as they perform any day-to-day activity, whether it involves viewing tiny cavities or microscopic components of a watch.

Your vision problem should not let you lose sight of your career. With the help of the team of eye care and eyewear professionals at E Eye Place, you can enjoy sharp vision using the most suitable spectacle lenses for your occupation or lifestyle.

High Quality, Custom-Made Lens

Everyone’s vision requirement are unique. Eye spectacles that are to be worn at work usually have specific purposes to help the wearer see better while performing their job. Customised lenses focus on a distinct factor: working distance and field of vision. Each person performs their tasks at a certain distance that may be at different locations of their visual field. For example, a jeweller works on jewellery pieces up close, and a pilot needs to have an uninterrupted field of view and ease of focusing their eyes at different instrument display panels.

E Eye Place can offer custom-made spectacle lenses for precise distances no matter what your work entails, through a comprehensive consultation, utilizing frame and lens measurement technologies and accessing an arsenal of various types of spectacle lens types.

High Quality, Custom-Made Lens

What Frame Suits Me the Most?

Spectacle frames are as important as the lenses themselves. Regardless of the occupation, eye spectacles should be comfortable and as lightweight as possible. Stress and strain come when you’re constantly reminded of the spectacles you’re wearing, simply because they do not feel and fit naturally. A practical frame is always the best recommendation.

The Most Suitable Frame
What Frame Suits Me the Most?

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Aditional Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating

Comfort is indeed one of the biggest concerns for spectacle wearers. It’s crucial for lenses to be free from reflections, which commonly irritate or cause fatigue quickly. This is easily achievable when wearing high-quality lenses that come with appropriate coating. Eye spectacles should also be customised according to the wearer’s job and specific requirements. For instance, for those whose jobs necessitate frequent public contact, state-of-the-art lens coating, such as dirt-repelling and anti-reflective features, will make their daily responsibilities almost effortless.

Anti-reflective coating with blue light filters can be beneficial for hardworking individuals, whether they’re continuously in front of their laptops or sitting in an office with overhead lighting. Spectacles with this special coating help protect their eyes from tiredness and glare. This is also beneficial when driving at night after a long day at work.

Another concern that requires attention when picking spectacles for work is durability. A high-quality coating helps strengthen lenses, particularly those made of plastic. And don’t worry; durable does not mean heavy.

Spectacles and Sunglasses Extra

You can also choose progressive eye spectacles, which are ideal for those who work on objects at different distances. Whatever it is you need, there are options for optimal vision so you can perform brilliantly.

Your Eyes Need a Break as Well!

Your Eyes Need a Break as Well

When you have customised eye spectacles that meet your requirements, you can see clearly without the usual fatigue most people feel as their eyewear sits on their noses throughout the day. And when it comes to giving your eyes a break, we have some great tips for you:

  • Have you been staring at the same object for a while now? Look at something else, preferably other things that are about six metres away from you. It’s a simple act that can do wonders for your eyes. Repeat this every 20 minutes or so, and your eyes will feel more relaxed.
  • Have you heard of the palming technique? A yogic eye exercise, it’s where you gently cover your eyes with the warmth of the palms of your hands. Slowly remove your palms after two to three minutes. It is a simple and non-intrusive way to relax your eyes temporarily.
  • Use three fingers: place your thumb and middle finger right on the root of your nose and your index between your brows. Move these three fingers in small circular motions for about 15 seconds. This gentle massage will help with tired eyes.

The exercises above are gentle, quick and easy, but they are helpful, so your eyes get their much-needed break.

Sunglasses Aren't What They Used to Be

When it comes to prescription sunglasses, you need more than just protection from the sun. UV and glare contribute to eye strain and fatigue, which you can address with the right sunglasses. Sunglasses are sometimes viewed as fashionable accessories that you only have to wear during the day to protect from harmful sun rays. However, sunglasses have changed their game, giving you more options to reflect your style and personality or for specific functions, such as sport or fishing.

Customised sunglasses offer many benefits, including UV protection. They can also come with distinct features, such as polarising lenses, adaptive tintinglenses, mirror coatings and different tints to augment or enhance colour contrast.

Consult with E Eye Place optometrists to get the best recommendation for your requirements.

Sunglasses Aren't What They Used to Be

Picking the Right Features for Your Personalised Sunglasses

We Also Have Special Interests In

Having a good pair of sunglasses is one of the best ways to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, which damages your eyes in different ways over time, such as pterygium, cataracts and contribute to macular degeneration. Having plenty of choices is exciting but can be mind-boggling, as well.

First and foremost, sunglass lenses should meet Australian Standard guidelines for UV protection, and for safety sunglasses, meet safety standards as well.

You cannot rely on your standard eyewear to protect your eyes from intense glare, and so you switch to your sunglasses. But what if you need prescription sunnies? No worries. Sunglass lenses can have corrective properties so that you can perform your job outdoors clearly and without glare concerns.

Other features that you can choose from include anti-reflective, polarisation, tinted, and more. Always talk to your E Eye Place optometrist regarding your specific needs and expectations to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on your specific requirements. Precision vision solutions are needed if your job involves working on objects that should remain close to your eyes. Some jobs need assistance to magnify their vision so that they can see things better, especially up close. Other people perform various tasks where they work on things both near and far. As such, they will benefit from progressive spectacles.

Your daily work responsibilities will help determine what your spectacle lenses should be. The great advantage that we have today is the availability of various lens options. Your optometrist will discuss your requirements, job, and other vision problems to locate the right spectacles you can wear for work.

Coating options can be confusing, but your final choice will depend on two things: comfort and durability. High-quality lenses are best paired with the appropriate coating for your individual needs. For example, outdoor jobs require lenses that can repel water and dirt; otherwise, the vision of the wearer can be affected. In many cases, this is detrimental to their safety and other people’s, as well.

Anti-reflective coating is also useful for outdoor work performances. Glare can hinder your ability to see and do your job. Plus, it can cause accidents, eye strain, and headaches. The right coating allows you to wear your eyeglasses comfortably for hours. You can also put on and remove the spectacles quickly without using both hands.

Anti-UV and anti-glare are among the top features that your prescription sunglasses should possess. Other extras that you can find in this type of outdoor eyewear are tinting and polarising lenses. When picking customised sunglasses, it’s always essential to buy a pair that suits your lifestyle. If you wear them for work or when playing sports, choose a pair designed for the specific activity.

Even with all these features and benefits, do not forget that the sunglasses should be comfortable when worn. And part of being comfortable is wearing sunglasses that you love. They should showcase your personality, whether you’re into fun styles or with a laidback preference. 

Different designs of frames are widely available. However, not all of them are suited for your needs, especially if you have a vision problem that needs to be corrected. For example, if you require progressive lenses, you cannot choose aviators or cat-eye frames. These mentioned styles cut off the bottom part of your prescription, so your reading vision is lost.

For a more straightforward piece of advice, always go for a rimmed frame, which can last longer than rimless frames because of its robustness. For a better recommendation, talk to an E Eye Place professional who can assess your needs more thoroughly according to the demands of your occupation.

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