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No one truly expects an eye injury or any emergency, no matter the severity. When it happens, you require professional advice, an urgent action plan, and skillful treatment. We have an expert team with knowledge and expertise in addressing eye emergencies.

These include bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye, red eye due to contact lens wear, uveitis/iritis, eye allergies, and corneal abrasions, among several others.

At E Eye Place, patients always come first. Our emergency optometrist service is committed to providing compassionate, personalised treatment.

Emergency Services

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Digital technology offers a safe and convenient option for ophthalmologists in this health care crisis. E Eye Place optometrists understand the challenging times, yet we do our best to see our patients. At the same time, we’re aiming to minimise COVID exposure, which is possible through telehealth. Rather than face-to-face visits, we can provide telehealth consultations.

Emergency Telehealth

Please note that a private fee applies to our telehealth services.

We appreciate your consideration and respect that some eye conditions can be addressed through telehealth instead of a physical examination in the office. This virtual meeting allows us to discuss with you your current situation, along with the symptoms you may be suffering from. We can also prescribe medication and create an appropriate plan of care. Through the video appointment, we can decide if a follow-up will be required for your condition.

How do you determine whether or not you require emergency telehealth services? If postponing the appointment for the next two to three months will affect your daily ability to function at work or school and other tasks, then you most likely need to be seen by an eye care practitioner. If there’s no noticeable or significant impact, it’s best to wait. Whilst a virtual contact means we might be able tocheck obvious issues such as visual acuity and other external exams of the eyelids and eyes, we cannot perform tests for the optic nerve, retina, or your visual field, as these tests require a physical examination.

Same Day Service

Emergency Same Day Service

Need eyeglasses within short notice? We’ve got your back. Our team of optical dispensers and onsite laboratory make same-day glasses possible for specific prescriptions*.

Did you lose your eyeglasses, broke them, or sat on them? Then, you need a replacement pair STAT! But going to a corporate optometrist means that you need to wait up to three weeks for your new eyeglasses to arrive. That’s not acceptable, primarily if you rely on your eyeglasses for your day-to-day responsibilities.

Note: It is possible to get an eye exam and receive your prescription glasses on that same day. However, unless it is an emergency, we recommend that you wait a few more days for the most suitable eyeglasses for your eyes. Remember that not all glasses are obtainable in an hour. Some are available on the same day as your eye exam.

Factors like your prescription and its complexities, lens modifications such as anti-glare, and frame availability can delay the delivery of the eyeglasses.

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

Do you have dry eye syndrome, pink eye, or red eye that require prescription medication? Let our therapeutically-endorsed optometrist help you. As optometrists with additional endorsements and qualifications, we can prescribe medicine to treat your eye condition or disease, including low-dose atropine for myopia management and glaucoma medications.

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

To become a therapeutic optometrist, it’s required to undertake at least one year of training and study with a specific focus on eye disease diagnosis and management. This eye professional can perform all the things that optometrists do, including regular eye tests. If needed, you can get a prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as your eye health in general.

Traditionally, you visit an optometrist and receive non-prescription, over the counter treatments, such as eye drops for your dry eye condition. Here at E Eye Place, we have a therapeutic optometrist who can prescribe Schedule 4 prescription-only medicines, which are used for serious eye conditions. For contact lens wearers who have an increased risk of eye infections, our therapeutic optometrist has the training and knowledge in eye disease treatment and management.

Apart from that, our therapeutic optometrist can attend to your requirements quickly. That way, you receive urgent care or be triaged appropriately before being referred to other practitioners such as an ophthalmologist. So, when you have an emergency, you can benefit from the prompt response and immediate medicine prescription.

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Urgent Care

Many emergency room visits can be avoided if you seek treatment from an eye doctor. Optometrists are now equipped with technologies that can treat the majority of eye conditions that require immediate care and treatment, such as:

Ocular Foreign Bodie


If a particle or object gets into the eye, it is an emergency. It can be as simple as an eyelash or as scary as projectiles resulting from mowing, drilling, or grinding. Schedule a visit right away. In many cases, we can remove the foreign matter directly in our office.

Iritis Uveitis


Do you feel eye pain accompanied by deep throbbing? Have you become more sensitive to light, and you notice your eyes are red? Don’t delay and think these symptoms will soon go away. They may be caused by internal inflammation, which will not get better unless appropriately treated. Early treatment is necessary to avoid vision loss. Recurrent iritis/uveitis may be due to lupus, arthritis, and other inflammatory systemic conditions.

We also help with managing and triaging time-sensitive conditions such as chemical injuries and angle-closure glaucoma, which require urgent medication and treatment to save the optic nerve.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At E Eye Place, our main priority is the people’s safety. That includes you and the staff. We want to make sure that we provide service without risking everyone’s health. Whilst seeing patients in person remains the gold standard, we offer telehealth services when you require an immediate assessment for your condition during times where face-to-face care are affected by unprecedented situations.

    A telehealth video call allows us to have a look for any obvious issues of the external surfaces of the eye, and how the muscles around the eye function. During the appointment, we will ask targeted questions to understand what may be the issue and discuss with you how to manage your symptoms or ascertain if further investigations or referrals are warranted. We may also triage other conditions, such as vision changes and determine if you need an in-office visit.

    Yes! It’s certainly possible to get your eye exam and prescription glasses on the same day at E Eye Place.

    We have an in-house optical lab so we can make eyeglass lenses in about an hour. However, some lens powers, frames, and other requirements may need to be fabricated by optical laboratories. Therefore, the whole process can take longer.

    Quick turnarounds are valuable especially when it’s an emergency. When it involves your vision, you surely want the best and most suitable for your needs.

    If you require a more potent medicine for your eye condition, you’ve come to the right place! Our team of optometrists are therapeutically endorsed, which means we are Certified Ophthalmic Medicines Prescribers who does not just perform eye tests but can also prescribe Schedule 4 medicines for more serious eye conditions, low-dose atropine for myopia control and renewal of glaucoma medication prescriptions.

    When you go to a regular optometrist, you will often be given a prescription for over-the-counter medicine for your dry eye, and common forms of conjunctivitis. However, this type of treatment is not always effective. Anti-biotics for contact lens wearers, anti-inflammatory medications, such as cyclosporin, flurbiprofen, and diclofenac, are prescription-only. Therefore, a regular optometrist is not allowed to give you a prescription for them.

    It’s so much more convenient when you have a therapeutically endorsed optometrist, especially when you need medicine for your emergency eye condition. Our optometrist will diagnose and start treatment for pink eye, corneal abrasion, red-eye, and many others.

    Pain is generally a driver for urgent care. When one or both eyes are painful, it can mean that there is infection or inflammation of the internal or external tissues of the eye, foreign bodies or acute conditions such as angle closure glaucoma, which should be treated right away. Some people wait, thinking that the pain will go away on its own. Unresolving eye pain should be evaluated as quickly as possible to increase the chance for a good recovery.

    Traumatic eye injuries due to accidents are a common eye emergency. In most cases, an accident results in something getting into the eye, or blunt trauma to the tissues around the eye. These conditions should immediately be checked by an eye care practitioner.

    Other symptoms to watch out for are loss of vision, light sensitivity, redness, swelling, and double vision. Without proper treatment, these symptoms can result in partial or even permanent vision loss. Some symptoms such as loss of vision or double vision are also warning signs of more sinister systemic conditions involving the brain, nerves or major blood vessels. Quite literally, the eye can be a window to your health!

    Our professional eye and vision experts can provide urgent diagnosis,treatment and appropriate triagefor different conditions, including retinal detachment and angle-closure glaucoma, among many others.

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