Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance for Your Eyewear

E Eye Place Repairs and Maintenance Service

Eyewear care and maintenance are crucial to getting the most out of a product’s life. A repair or maintenance service is sometimes necessary to restore the eyeglasses and make them wearable again. Whether you have broken eyewear or simply require extra TLC, E Eye Place can take care of your needs.

Had an accidental hard knock to your glasses? This can sometimes through off how the spectacles fit on you, and affect the placement of your eyes at the focal point of lenses (especially for multifocals). Had a bigger accidental knock to your eyewear? Don’t throw them straight away and get a new pair. Your sunglasses, eyeglass frames, and other eyewear issues can be solved most of the time.

Apart from choosing the appropriate eyewear for to suit your needs and lifestyle, do you also know that you can purchase specific insurance for your eyewear? This can be helpful for young children who are likely to damage their glasses more often, or for individuals who are working in more dynamic and challenging situations. Speak to our team about extra durable glasses or adding spectacle insurance to for your next set of eyewear.

Our In-Office Laboratory

Broken or bent eyeglass frames don’t always belong in your bin. Take your damaged eyewear to us instead, and we can assess to see if it may be reparable. Estimates of cost vary depending on what work needs to be done.

Why choose E Eye Place for your eyewear repair and maintenance? We have the advantage of an in-office laboratory, which means that it is possible for emergency same day glasses to be made while you wait, or we can assess if your lenses can be refitted into a new frame.

Our laboratory can also provide basic and sophisticated cleaning and fine-tuning services. And if you have lost your eyeglasses and require a quick replacement, we have our lab to take care of the problem. We can offer same-day processing of certain prescriptions without you worrying about high service fees and inflated product prices.

Our In-Office Laboratory

From a simple adjustment to major eyewear frame repair, as well as maintenance services for your eyewear, look no further than your reliable, friendly optometrists in town. E Eye Place is the place where customer service matters above all else.

Minor and Major Repairs are Possible!

Minor and Major Repairs are Possible!

Minor and Major Repairs are Possible!

A bent frame may look like a simple problem that you can take care of on your own. But don’t make the mistake of fixing it without the right tools and know-how as you may cause damage that may be more expensive to fix. Let E Eye Place repair your spectacles for you, from minor issues like loose nose pads or screws to something a little complicated, such as a broken frame requiring extensive repair.

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Taking Good Care of Your Eyewear

Your spectacles are not designed to be disposable. They normally have a reasonable lifespan, especially with proper care and maintenance, and if your prescription is mostly stable. Damaged lenses make eyeglasses unwearable, so pay attention to how you use them. Here are some quick tips:

  • Store your spectacles in a hard case when not in use.
  • Always use both hands when putting on or removing eyeglasses.
  • Prevent scratches by ensuring lenses do not touch any surface.
  • Don’t share your spectacles with anyone, as they may unintentionally stretch or distort the way they fit.
  • Many “hacks” you see on the internet has the potential to create damage or affect the warranty of your eyewear.
Taking Good Care of Your Eyewear

Adjustments are recommended once every three to six months to ensure a comfortable fit. Remember, avoid DIY repairs and bring your eyewear to E Eye Place so we can check for problems like loose screws and repair them for you.

Maintenance is Important

Maintenance is Important

Eyeglass lenses can only work efficiently when they sit properly and stably in front of your eyes. That’s where eyeglass frames come in, and it’s easy to see why maintenance is essential.

Many eyeglass wearers don’t realise the importance of frame alignment. At E Eye Place, we always check and double-check the positioning of the frame in relation to the face size and shape of our clients at the time of making precise position of wear measurements before they are made to your requirements, and at the point of collection.

Maintenance, which often involves frame adjustments, is worth the time and effort, considering the investment you have put in for your eyewear. It’s a routine task crucial in keeping your eyewear comfortable and your vision clear.

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