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There’s just something about Shelley that makes it cosy. If you’re looking for an optometrist close to the Perth CBD, E Eye Place’s clinic in Shelley is perfect for you! It’s also in close proximity to the Swan River where you can go kayaking and other water activities. But all these wonderful activities become less enjoyable when you have to squint to look far ahead.

Worse, you probably have to say “no” to outdoor fun because of your headaches caused by eyestrain. These things are common if you have an eye disorder, such as near-sightedness or myopia.

Optometry and Eye Exams in Shelley

E Eye Place in Shelley has the ideal environment where patients are people, not numbers. Being surrounded by natural beauty and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activity inspires you to have the best vision possible. We also excel in diagnosing your eye problems and creating realistic plans for your treatment.

Our office location in Shelley is the larger of the two offices and has a more medical feel. It is a private billing practice that accepts Veterans Affairs patients.

customer and optometrist selecting glasses frames

Our clinic location in Shelley is the larger of the two clinic and has a more medical feel. It is a private billing practice that accepts Veterans Affairs patients.

Additionally, our Shelley clinic provides:

  • Paediatric Examinations: Including developmental visual information processing, ocular motilities/eye tracking and teaming and many more.
  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations: These assessments screen for glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other screenings
  • Occupational Vision Examinations and Prescribing: This includes edging of lenses into shooting lorgnettes, vocational lenses for screen-based equipment, safety eyewear, prismatic lenses and more
  • CASA Aviation Assessment Including Optec 900
  • Myopia Management: This includes low-dose atropine, OrthoKeratology, MiSight, MiyoSmart, Myopilux Max, Mylo by Mark’ennovy, Axial Length Monitoring using MYAH biometer
  • Complex Contact Lenses: We also carry all specialty contact lens care products including corneal topography, bespoke/customised rigids and soft specialty contact lens designs, Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses, orthokeratology, high astigmatism, keratoconus high refractive errors. Also stocking all specialty contact lens care products (including AO Sept hydrogen peroxide, Soleko hydrogen peroxide, Menicon Menicare Plus MPS, Menicon Progent, Acuvue Revitalens MPS, DMV contact lens remover), unit dose saline
  • Dry Eye Assessment: As well as the leading products for dry eye care including anterior eye imaging, AI guided dry eye assessment using MYAH biometer, non-invasive tear break up time, meibography, blephasteam), products including Tranquileyes 2%, Oculocin Propo, Cationorm, Hyloforte, Hylofresh, NovaTears with Omega 3, VitaPos, Demodex Wipes, The Eye Doctor Sterileyes antibacterial moist heat eye compress
  • Accessories: We carry a wide variety of products to correct your vision difficulties and make you more comfortable

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