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What To Do If Contact Lens Is Stuck In Your Eye?

Have you ever gone to remove your contact lens only to realise you can’t see it? We know…

Simple Guide: How to Read an Optometrist Prescription

If you’ve ever looked at your optometrist prescription and felt like you were trying to decode a secret…

Can Dry Eyes Cause Headaches? Common Causes and Best Treatments

“Can dry eyes cause headaches?” is something my patients ask me often. And yes, dry eyes and headaches…

The Best Low Vision Aids and Technology to Assist You in 2024

Low vision aids are one of the most effective ways to maintain independence and improve your quality of…

Protect Your Eyes During Allergy Seasons!

Few things are worse than itchy, watery eyes. If you struggle with eye allergies, I put together this…

Enter 2024 With a Better Vision!

No one can dispute the importance of good vision, but some are unaware (or too casual) about taking…

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