My name is Robyn

(Retired as of September 2023)

E Eye Place Robyn

Robyn is one of the OG staff members and has been a part of the team since 2016. As a long-time resident of Riverton/Willetton for more than 50 years now, she knows and understands the community so well. She attended Riverton Primary and Willetton High School. That’s why it is easy for her to relate to the patients and make them feel comfortable.

Before joining our optometry practice, Robyn worked in a bank and had years of experience in sales, settlements, and merchandising. All of her jobs entailed customer service, which is what she loves. At E Eye Place, she gets to pursue what she is passionate about. That is to help customers select new frames and provide solutions to their eyewear problems.

Robyn loves to play tennis. She started playing at Corinthian Park Tennis Club in 1980 and continues to be a playing member to this day.

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