Contact Lenses

Wondering if contact lenses are suitable for you or your child? Are you an existing wearer wondering if there is a better product? We answer all your questions about contact lenses here.

We offer comprehensive consultations for all new or existing wearers, including complex contact lens fitting for Orthokeratology (OrthoK), hybrid contact lenses (Synergeyes), multifocal contact lenses, myopia control soft lenses (MiSight) and rigid contact lenses.

What To Do If Contact Lens Is Stuck In Your Eye?

Have you ever gone to remove your contact lens only to realise you can’t see it? We know…

Should You Choose Glasses or Contact Lenses?

There are plenty of choices in life that are based solely on preference. Apples or oranges, summer or…

Our Guide to Best Care For Your Contact Lenses

For many, wearing contact lenses is just one more routine part of life, much like putting on shoes…

Your Top 10 Questions about Contact Lenses Answered

If you wear contact lenses, you’ll most likely agree that it’s easy to get complacent about them. You…

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