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Choosing the Right Lens for Myopia in Children

When a child receives a diagnosis of any kind, a barrage of questions pops into a parent’s mind….

The Prescription Safety Glasses Buying Guide

According to Comcare, approximately 50,000 eye injuries are recorded every year in Australia. That’s equivalent to $60 million…

How to Keep Your Glasses Clean – Our Top 5 Tips

Glasses will not last forever, no matter how sturdy they may be. The lenses will eventually get some…

Worse Eyesight and Other Effects of Wearing Glasses: Fact or Fiction?

After an eye exam, your optometrist informs you that you need to wear eyeglasses. That’s exciting! You can…

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Lens Coating

Eyeglass lenses have a lens coating that will help improve the glasses’ effectiveness, performance, and durability. They are…

Important Tips You Should Know About Eye Safety

You don’t need anyone to tell you that your eyesight is precious. Unfortunately, because most people are born…

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