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Orthokeratology – The Complete Guide: What You Need to Know

Myopathy is reaching alarming numbers across Australia. While it is easy to assign blame for the near-epidemic numbers,…

A Full Guide to Atropine Eye Drops For Controlling Myopia In Youth

If your child has myopia, numerous treatment options can significantly improve your child’s condition. Some ways of controlling…

Top 5 Eye Health Tips for Perth Residents: How to Keep Your Vision Crystal Clear

It is easy to become caught up in the busyness of life and forget to keep up with…

How Nutrition Impacts Eye Health

Those of a certain age grew up hearing that good eyesight was a byproduct of eating carrots. For…

Should You Choose Glasses or Contact Lenses?

There are plenty of choices in life that are based solely on preference. Apples or oranges, summer or…

Dry Eye Causes and Symptoms

Most people experience an occasional bit of dryness in one or both of their eyes. Frequently, this is…

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