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Reasons to Ensure Your Children Have Regular Eye Examinations

The list of responsibilities you have as a parent is virtually never-ending because making sure your child has…

Ten Reasons You Need an Eye Exam

We rely on our vision but do not often think about it unless there is a problem. However,…

Do Ready-Made Reading Glasses Harm Your Eyes?

Readers, cheaters, hobby glasses… the standard over-the-counter reading glasses with -1 magnification, are called by many names. These…

The Ultimate Guide to Blue Light Filters – Everything You Need to Know

Blue light has grabbed a lot of attention recently, most of it negative. However, not many people seem…

What to Expect in an Aviation Medical: Everything You Need To Know!

Getting your aviation medical exam is vital for your safety and the safety of your passengers. To ensure…

Our Guide to Best Care For Your Contact Lenses

For many, wearing contact lenses is just one more routine part of life, much like putting on shoes…

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